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I live in Nashville, Tennessee in the USA with my pup and currently getting my Masters in Human Nutrition. I was introduced to the opportunity to be a nutrition and fitness coach a couple of years ago. I accepted the opportunity with determination to work towards the flexibility of financial freedom and doing something that I truly love (helping others!). There is a clear path with this opportunity that will allow me to pursue other passions like travel, volunteering, reading more and writing. I love the fact that I can easily use the tools that have changed my life and allowed me to live healthier when I encourage and help others do the same!

I am on a journey to live a well balanced healthy lifestyle. I have always been active as an adult and thought I ate pretty well, but as a vegetarian (I am now plant based eater), my diet consisted mostly of carbs... In 2015, that changed and so did I. Once I figured out what worked for me and my diet, it was actually pretty simple and I decided I wanted to share that with everyone! 

My vision is to inspire women to live an optimized life full of confidence, love and joy; authentically and free, through health and fitness.

I would love be your coach, your support! I can help you find what works for you! We can create healthy habits together! Let's chat!

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