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Can't Died in the Corn Field

Can’t died in the cornfield was something my grandfather (see photo) said to me when I was a little girl.

My Grandfather

During this first Phase of my current workout program it was said to remove the word can’t from your vocabulary. Immediately the image of my grandfather came to my mind and his saying to me “can’t died in the corn field.” Yes, can’t died in the cornfield! I made it through Phase 1.

I lost a little over 5 pounds little over 9 inches (see photo on right below) and I am still on a journey to lose more weight to lose more inches and to get stronger.

Just after my mother passed away I had a bit of a binge. (See photo on left) I ate some foods that I have not eaten in years... I gained a few pounds - but that's OK. That's what grief is. I was dealing with the loss of my mom. I picked myself up and got it together. All in all I gained 10 pounds from the time my mom moved here and we started to care for her in June until she passed. Considering the stress I was under, that is no surprise. So I lost half of that weight in the first phase of this workout!

Me 1 Jan 2018

My favorite thing about Phase 1 (and this whole workout program) is the timed nutrition I feel like it is exactly what I have been looking for when it comes to following a nutrition plan, because it spells out the exact foods that you need during the day, when you need to eat them, to make sure you get all the macro-nutrients that you need to fuel your body. I’m the kind of person that would just put all of her veggies in one huge salad at lunch and get it over with. Now my relationship with food has changed. I see the wisdom behind the science of eating this way and making sure the macro-nutrients are eaten throughout the day. It’s ensuring your body gets the proper nutrients it needs to make it through the day. Who knew eating butternut squash for breakfast was like a wonderful thing! We learn new things about ourselves all the time.

Another thing about Phase 1 that I really liked were the exercises. I ended up purchasing heavier weights and I used them! I am getting stronger and excited to see where I will be at the end of Phase 3.

Finally, the way this workout program was filmed, you are literally going through it with the people on screen! This was unique!

I enjoyed Phase 1 a lot and I look forward to Phase 2 and I will keep you guys updated with my change and progress in finding new foods and my struggles and victories. Questions? please ask!

FAQ - How long is the program? 80 Days - 3 Phases

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