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Seriously, what is it good for?

Why does the time have to change?

Anyone else out there struggling today? I mean this is probably the least productive day across America. They just need to stop changing the time. I don’t care which way it stays, it just needs to stop. And we are not alone in this. The time change in England is in three weeks!

So here has been my day so far… I mean I have messed up so many things I have lost count. I went to get the food from the microwave in the closet where I keep the dog food, I forgot to unbuckle my seat belt when getting to work, didn’t get very far with that one, messed up post workout meal… oh well, nearly tripped down the stairs outside, having trouble speaking in coherent sentences, forgot to change the title on a document and realized it after it was postmarked… I know there are more. I simply just feel like I am not firing on all cylinders today. Pretty sure I am not alone!

On the upside of things, it’s beautiful out today.

#Timechange #1stworldproblem

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