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80 Day Obsession - A RX for grief

January 2018

In January, when 80 Day Obsession was released, I was dealing with the passing of my mom in December and my youngest sister was battling stage 4 cancer. The Sunday before I was supposed to start the program, I had to make an emergency trip to Houston to see my sister who had been rushed to ICU at MD Anderson. I did workout while I was in Houston and told myself I would start the program on the following Monday, not knowing what would happen that week.

That Friday, January 19, 2018, my baby sister passed away from the cancer.

That following Monday I started 80 Day Obsession - I prescribed it as a way to deal with the grief.

I knew going into the program it was going to be tough! I knew to follow it to the end it would take a lot more than I had in me, but the alternative was wallowing in the grief, and that was not wanted to do. So I started.

80 days is a long time in a year... It's even longer when you are dealing with grief.

March 2018

The workouts were long. They were difficult. They kept me moving.

Every day... I got up and pushed play.

Did I follow the program to a T? No. My nutrition was not perfect. Most of my workouts were great, but a few days I barely got through them.

So.... flash forward to the end of the program... flash forward to the week of my mom's and sister's memorials. Seeing friends, family and so many people who loved my mom and sister. It was emotionally and physically draining. Then I started the last week of the program. It was difficult. I was crying without warning, I did not want to be around people, I had trouble with focus/concentration at work... I continued to put everything into the workouts. I finished strong.

My sister and mom are still with me. I will never forget them. I miss them, but they are with me.

I am getting ready to start up the program again. Another 80 days of life. It doesn't stop. But all I can do is give my 100% of where I am.

I invite you to join me for the next round of this program.... will it challenge you? Yes, without a doubt. How will you feel when you complete it? I am pretty sure no matter your results, you will feel so proud of yourself!

The first photo above was January 2018. The second was March 2018 and this one is me at the end of the program. I feel so much stronger in mind and body!

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