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Week 2 of 8

This program is truly fantastic!

This week I pushed myself to the point of screaming on each weight day.

I wasn't as sore as the first week, but still sore. On Wednesday, my midday rest day, I did a Pilates/Yoga inspired workout and my body truly love that! Then today, I did a roll and release workout with a foam roller and a stretch workout.

Nutrition this week was a bit off. I am an emotional eater and I had a big change at work, so of course they last thing I want to eat is vegetables! I wanted comfort food!!! I did not fall off too much, but just in case this week has left emotions, I have bought healthier options.

Today I made a really great shake. Vanilla flavored, with frozen blueberries, cranberries and cauliflower, almond milk and water. It tasted like a sweet tart.... who says I don't eat candy ;-)

Here are a few photos from the week:

Here is my meal plan for Week 3

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