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Halfway Point!

It's hard to believe that I am halfway finished with this program!

4 weeks in! 4 to go!

I have to say this has been the best summer program EVER!!!!!

I mean really... 30 minute workouts... 4 days a week..... If you are not doing this... you are depriving your body of some good dopamine ;-)

I kept my menu simple this week. It was a semi busy weekend and so I went back to the basics.

Protein from legumes mostly.

Less cooking, a little chopping and done!

This weekend I went to the annual Tomato Festival that is held in my neighborhood. I had some heirloom tomatoes that were just incredible!!!! So tonight I had some more! It's tomato season after all. It reminds me how much I miss my own garden and how next year I need to prepare better.

I am ready for week 5 I am feeling stronger!!!

It's amazing how much my shoulders are getting the most out of this workout program!

That photo on the left is a move I have not really ever done before at home and that photo on the left is the effect that move has on me. In the photo on the right

I have 5 pound weights. By the final set of these I am using no extra weight... just the weight of my arms.... But then after a shower... the burn is gone.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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