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My bad!

So... bad me! I have been a little busy lately and have not posted in a couple of weeks. I am now in the last week of round 1!!!! Three more days....

One of the reasons I love doing programs is the feeling of accomplishment when I completed them. Prior to 2015 I never finished a program. By that point I had tried Power 90, Buns of Steel, Zumba, Belly dancing, Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire. The first program I completed was Insanity Max 30. See... I did not have time to workout, so I wanted a program that worked, that was only 30 minutes. I was unsure that it was possible until I started on IM 30. I followed the meal plan and did the M-F workouts and the weight started to drop off. That's when I realized my mindset had been wrong for years... it's not how long you workout that counts. It's really and truly the NUTRITION!

I admit I have not followed the LIIFT4 workout plan to a tee.. I have really struggled with my nighttime meal. I DON'T want to cook when I get home from work... simple as that. I am so glad crock-pot season is coming... So I will be doing the program again.... And in just a few weeks it will be available to everyone who has Beachbody on Demand. So come follow me and keep me accountable!

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