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Healthy Habits 101

I want you to know that I believe that you can make any changes that you really WANT to do!

Creating a new healthy habit will change your life in more ways than you realize. Creating a keystone habit, such as exercise daily or every other day, will create other habits such as eating better, you’ll have more energy and want to do more things.

As my gift to you on the second anniversary of my business I want to help you get started with a healthy habit or support you with continuing one you already do.

So next week, beginning September 10, I am hosting a FREE group. This group will allow you to have access to a full week program with workouts and nutrition. And what’s even better is that I am there to give you all the support that you need! :-)

To sweeten the deal a bit more, there will be prizes awarded!!!!!!

The first three people to sign up will get a prize.

The first three people who bring three people with them will get a prize.

And the person who participates the most during the week will get a prize.

How to get signed up..... Follow this link or message me at

Once you sign up, I add you in a Facebook group. It’s a closed group so no one can get in unless I add them. Every day, I will come in the group and talk to you about the work out, nutrition and any questions you have.

A little more about the program CLEAN WEEK:

Clean Week is a 7 day nutrition and fitness program to introduce you to a healthy lifestyle.

It can also be just a fun week to do between fitness programs like I am doing.

This is the week that could be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, or jumping back into one.

The accountability is really helpful. When you start checking into the group every day, it starts to create a habit!

This will help you learn how to plan meals, prep food, and stick to daily exercise.

I will be there to help motivate you, give you short and I will be accountable to you too!

A strong support system was what I found to be key to changing my life. It's why I do what I do! I want to pay it forward to others like me.

You have the option of purchasing Shakeology for the week, it is not required. Shakeology really does provide that extra bit your body needs to function well. I have been drinking it for two years. I rarely get sick, I get all the vitamins I would in a multivitamin and it tastes delicious.

This group is for everyone! people who want to "try on" Beachbody, people just starting out, people who find it difficult to commit to diet/exercise programs, people who want to lose weight, people who don't know where to start with a healthy lifestyle, people who want to improve their nutrition, people who don't fee motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and people who want a community to share their struggles with.

30 minutes a day. Nutrition Plan included.

I am going to put this out there. The current book I am reading about self-discipline says something to this effect... you have to make time for health... or make time for illness... 30 minutes a day versus hours in the doctor office! Or worse chronic conditions!!! Our Health is our life!!!

Honestly, I think this sounds awesome!

I hope to see you sign up soon! Here is the link to sign up

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