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Time to celebrate!

It's time to celebrate!

I reached 5000 followers on Instagram today!

I know that it could very well drop below... but it's a milestone to reach!

I have decided to do something fun!

Starting Friday, October 26, 2018 through Halloween at midnight ( Tuesday, 10/31/18) I am going to run a flash sale!!! That’s right…. You get a chance to get into my toolbox of what I use to keep me healthy with a special treat!!!!!

Starting tomorrow I will be talking about some of my favorite tools in Instagram LIVE feed and IG TV.

But this the the breakdown:

Spend up to $50 This gets you entered into a drawing for a swag bag of some of the tools I will be talking about and some extra stuff!

Spend $51-160 - Gets you entered into the drawing and a $15 Amazon Gift Card

Spend $161 and up - Gets you entered into the drawing twice! Plus a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

******BONUS****** For every friend you get to join in on the fun you will get entered into the drawing (again) AND a $10 Amazon Gift card.

How to get in on this…. contact me with "flash sale." We will talk about what your needs and goals are and get you the tools to help you reach your goals!

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