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What do you want? 2019 goals... here we go!

Let's talk about New Years Resolutions. Who makes them? I use to. I was reading some from previous years I thought I would share with you:

In 2007 I resolved to be supportive, experience more, read for pleasure, get healthy, buy a house, give to others and write in my journal.

In 2008 I resolved to work on and listen to constructive criticism, read more, work on house issues, stay better in touch with friends, date, get healthy - eat/exercise, travel and explore more, learn new things, charity, remember.

In 2009 I resolved to do better at work, exercise once approved by doctor 4-6 times a week, friends - stay in touch, Self - break down my own walls, hobbies - finish dad's photo project, research and start writing the book, work on grandparents legacy book.

I skip a couple of years and the next one I found was 2012 when I resolved to have more balance in my life between social, self and work, the usual - eat well, exercise more, CLEAN UP STUFF, finish photo project, enjoy life more.

What did writing down these resolutions, putting them in an envelope and tucked away in a drawer to open the next year actually do? Nothing. For the most part I did not complete them. I did buy a house!

So let's talk about goals... not resolutions, but goals.

Recently I have been listening to a lot of personal development regarding setting goals. I am going to share a bit of that with you.

First - you have to set the goal. Make it big and scary - the scary goals are the ones that are going to change your life. What holds us back from making change - FEAR. So make the goal big and scary and know you have the COURAGE to work towards it. What happens if you fail? No worries... learn from your mistake and keep on going.

Second - create a vision board or something visual that shows your goal and what you want. You have to feel the connection and seeing it everyday is the best way to get the results. Start to visualize yourself in that way... if you want to lose 30 pounds - visualize the perfect day once you reach that goal. If you are running a business and want to achieve a certain income - visualize that perfect day and what that income would mean for you.

Third - figure out your weaknesses and make them your strengths. How? Ask mentors, read personal development, keep trying and learning from your mistakes.

Fourth - Share your goals. Share them with your friends, family, co-workers and team. Celebrate the goals when you achieve them.

Now, let's talk about the goal itself.

The best way to create a goal is to make it a SMART goal.

What's a SMART goal?

S- Specific - What do you want to achieve? why? who is involved? where does the goal take place? when will it happen?

M - Measurable - You need to be able to measure the goal to know you have achieved it. Goal to lose weight? - use the scale. Goal to grow your business? - when you reach an income level or other such levels specific to your company.

A - Attainable - Are the goals within reach? How can you attain these goals? Losing 30 pounds in a week is not normally possible. Growing an income from $0 to a million in a week is highly unlikely as well. If you want these goals you need to set up the smaller, daily goals to reach them.

R- Relevant - Meaningful - it's worth it to you to pursue. WHY DO YOU WANT THIS? Dig deep? If you are not connected to it - it won't happen.

T - Timely - Give the goal a time frame. This way you can have smaller goals that help you to work towards the big, scary goal. Setting a time frame will motivate you to work towards it! Think about it... when there is not a time limit, we put it off... we procrastinate.

Here is what I have for January 2019.

My top three core values are health, community and fun. So my goals should reflect my core values. Some core values may be: happiness, success, balance, connections, wealth, loyalty, knowledge, adventure, health, personal development, energy, affection. You can find a longer list of core values here.

Take a few minutes, close your eyes, have quiet, and listen. What are your core values? List 10 - then narrow it down to 3. Use these to work out what your goals should be for January.

Once you have your core values you can start to work on your SMART goals. My January goals are this:

Big scary level achievement in my business - to be done by 11/30/2019. I want to build my own business for the financial flexibility that would come with it. I have written down my obstacles to include overcoming excuses and procrastination. I have written down the daily activities that will help me reach that goal, including practicing gratitude. I have also written down my reward for achieving this goal! This is important as well. Work towards the reward.

Another goal I have for January is to lose 15 pounds by 1/31/2019 - basically focusing on my nutrition and food with a reward of a cookie!

Another business goal I have is to add two new people to my community of business leaders by the end of January 2019. I promised myself new shoes for this one.

My fourth January goal is Family and Friend time. Making sure I have fun!!!

So I end with this... I heard it the other day... 2019 will be .... the same as 2018 - if you don't do something scary... life with continue as it is today. Life happens outside your comfort zone... NOW - I say this too - you may be comfortable where you are - and that's great! But if you are complaining about where you are, it's time to do something about it!

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