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Quiet that Inner "Mean Girl"

We all have that inner critic inside. Well, according to an English teacher in high school I should never think there is not an exception to every rule... so if you are a lucky one who has no inner critic I want to know your secret!

My inner Mean Girl and I have a conversation EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's exhausting. She tries to undermine my every move to improve my life. I am not sure how long she has been with me. If I think back I am pretty sure she was with me as a young girl. In my 20's I was able to ignore her. In my 30's she was winning. Now in my 40's she's screaming at me to stop!

Telling me I am not good enough.

Telling me I am not worth it.

Telling me I will never be successful!

To be completely honest here, she is playing on my fear of success with that last one. Yes, I fear success! I use to think I only had one fear. I have since realized as I have tried to improve my life I fear success! I think it's always been there because of my derogatory comments about some successful people in the world. But now I look at these people and their stories and I realize they had many obstacles to overcome to get to where they were. I see them in a more positive light.

Currently I am taking part of a 35 day training by Mel Robbins called Mindset Reset. This is basically where I realized I needed to talk about my inner mean girl. I know I am not alone. Part of the training has touched on limiting beliefs - basically those things my mean girl tells me. Like I said before my mean girl has been with me since I was a little girl, therefore those beliefs are basically my default way of thinking!

Mindset Reset - Day 4 helps to teach you how to "Think This and Not That!" In other words, be deliberate with your thinking. Here is a link to that training:

For example:

Instead of "Nobody likes me," THINK "The right people like me."

Instead of "I’m too old," THINK "I have years of valuable experience that make me an asset."

Instead of "I’m behind," THINK "I’m on my own timeline."

Instead of "I’m not good enough," THINK "I am more than enough already, just as I am."

(these were taken directly from the training)

In my case, I tell my Mean girl I do deserve success! Every time I hear her, I say that back. This is a lifelong training, not a one and done thing. I hope that eventually she will be quiet. I just half to prove her wrong.

We are the ones who get in our own way! We hold ourselves back from the life we were meant to lead!

It's time to tell that inner critic she/he is wrong! That you do deserve whatever you want in this life!

Thank you for reading!

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