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3 weeks in... 3 to go

Transform 20! The step is my best friend! I think the one thing that will change the most with this program will be my calves! I can feel them every day walking the hills of Nashville and I think it's because of the step element!!!

So how is it going. The workouts are hard! But when you see that timer less than 20 minutes you know you can do it! It's really something about the mindset! Some of the moves are awkward and takes me a minute to figure it out. It's one reason I like to do a program twice. The first time through I don't necessarily get the full benefit if the moves are difficult or awkward.

My nutrition has not been on track! I am still fighting back with this. I am determined to lose 15 pounds. So I will change things up this week! It seems I am always changing in things and what works for me always changes. It's just something we have to roll with....

Here's my thoughts on sugar - it's addicting.

Do I think you should do this program? Yes! I think it's a great program for people (who are healthy and

cleared by their doctor) to do. It's hard, but it's doable. It's only 20 minutes... so that allows you to do something else if you want or just give yourself 20 minutes - sometimes that's all you have to give!

I love Shaun T. He is inspiring and really true to himself! He has integrity! (This is my word today for some reason. I saw it in my journal this morning and talked about it in my IG /Facebook feed.)

If you are thinking you don't have time to work out - this one is it! But if you want to lose weight, only working out 20 minutes is not going to help with that ... you really have to take on the nutrition in a different way. This is a work in process for me, but I can help you get started and we can find out what works for you!

We are all works in progress!

Thank you for reading.


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