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When life calls for a lazy day

Sundays are meant to be my meal prep days... well not today. I have been bound to the sofa all day! Not going to lie it feels good! I did finally meal plan... and then there is something called InstaCart that helps not have to get out on a rainy day!

So here are a few tips when life calls for a lazy day:

1. Frozen veggies - you should get a few servings of veggies a day and frozen veggies are an easy way to get those servings.

2. Proteins - as a vegan I will need to prepare some tofu, but I also eat beans and a shake. For those of you who eat meat you can get chicken and make that up easily or some stores have a roasted chicken already cooked! You can cut it up and throw it into salads.

3. Fruits - I like fresh fruit, but right now it's not in season so I am getting frozen blueberries for my oatmeal and shakes and also I do get bananas and freeze them.

4. Just see what you have in the pantry and freezer! You may be surprised what you can put together with what you already have on hand!

5. Use InstaCart or a delivery service you can schedule your delivery for when home.

Thanks for reading!


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