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No longer your kids toys!

We all start out with the best of intentions when we get

something new to help us stay healthy. Then over

time those intentions get pushed to the side because of life and next thing you know those things you bought to help you get healthy are now used as toys by your kids....

No worries!

I have got awesome news!!!! It's coming around full circle, but this time they have stepped it up!!! Now it's not just words for you to read... it's videos you can watch over and over again... because sometimes it takes repetition and doing before we learn... but learning how to eat is better than jumping from diet to diet, Right?!?!

OK, my friend... here is what you get:

  • 30 Step by Step videos - 7 modules that show you how to use the containers to make healthy meals.

  • Workbook - companion to the videos - for note taking with written exercises to help you

  • Daily Logbook - Tracking what you eat will help you understand what works for you and what doesn't

  • Color coded containers!!! Another set!

  • Cookbook with 102 delicious, brand new recipes that work with your containers

  • Fixate cooking show with short video demonstration to help you learn menus and tips for cooking.

  • 75 kids approved lunch ideas

  • Beachbody app to help you stay on top of your daily container use and more

  • BONUS - 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme - new reshoots in real time!!!

Who is this for someone who needs external controls to help with their nutrition. I love the containers to remind me of what a portion size actually looks like, structure, rules and portioned eating... based on calories.

Using these containers I was able to lose 35 pounds! So if you need to lose weight... I highly recommend them!

I don't like diets - they never worked!!!! This program will reteach you what a serving size looks like! Restaurants have blown this out of proportions! You can still enjoy so many of your favorite foods! Just throw them in the container and make your meals!

I am an emotional eater. So I completely understand what it's like to

use food to fill a void! So when you need help, I will be there for you!

I have been using the containers for 3 years and they still help remind me what a portion size is. I am super excited about this new nutrition program because I don't think you can stop learning about your nutrition!

See this amazing transformation:

Meet Hannah. She used the 21 day program and our superfood shake tied with months of hard work and dedication and commitment to lose 117 pounds.

She is a mother of two who began this journey after struggling with health issues that caused her to gain 115. She went from 237 pounds to 120 pounds, but even better she gained body confidence!

Her life before was felt with insecurities and heartbroken she couldn't be the best mom and wife.

Her transformation included the 21 day program She did multiple rounds and found it was simple to follow and broke down what she needed to do to succeed. The portion-controlled containers helped her understand portions and what foods she should be eating. The workouts were great and only 30 minutes - she actually looked forward working out! She liked the convenience of BOD. The thought of going to the gym weighing 237 pounds mortified her. The simple fact she could workout at home made her want to work out. She loved Shakeology and the fact it helped with her sugar cravings! She no longer wanted cookies, cake and chocolate!

Her life, After. Her body is now lean, healthy and she is strong! She is confident! Now she loves doing things with her family and stands next to them, instead of behind them in photos. She states it has been an amazing and emotional journey! Her daughter and husband did the workouts with her and her husband lost 34 pounds! The whole family now eats healthy meals. The program completely changed her health as well as her family's health and their lives!

With determination, support and commitment - you can do this too!

Contact me today!!

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