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Spring Forward Into Health!

If you are like me, winter can be the hardest time to start a healthy lifestyle because of those winter blues... there is nothing like a spring day to get you energized!

Today I want to talk to you about what happens when you decide to take the leap and join me either as a coach and business partner or as a customer.

First and foremost, we would identify the program that is right for you... this could be just nutrition at this time or it could be a workout program following the meal plans from that program. Then we would do a prep week. This week we go over all the ways to get prepped for the support group. We will go over the program materials you decide to follow and take photos and measurements and get our mindsets ready for the next 30 days.

Every day we cover topics relating to your wellness, motivation, and accountability. We share our wins and obstacles. You are welcome to ask me anything about your journey and I can suggest things for you to try.

If you decide to join up as a coach (which I suggest you do if only for the discount) and you are going to work the business, I invite you to invite 3 individuals to join our group and you can also help me run the group. When you invite 3 people to join our health journey, you will get a full Return of Investment right away!

After the first month, if you would like to continue with me for the accountability, I can add you to my virtual gym. This if for my "graduates" of the first month and you can be a part of it as long as you or using the fitness platform and/or drinking Shakeology.

I have been involved with health and fitness all of my life. My earliest memories are with my dad in a small gym. As an adult I found I did not like gyms, so I began to purchase every sort of DVD workout video (I think I even started with VCR LOL). I purchased everything from belly dancing, Zumba, kickboxing and more. I started with BB products back 20 years ago with the original Power 90. But it was Chalene Johnson's Turbo Jam that really got me moving. For years, I worked out when when I had time.... Well, as I got older and less active with a office job, my body decided it would gain weight. When I turned 40 I looked for another option... that's when my coach invited me to her support group. I said "why not"....

I believe it was that support that made me realize the key component when it came to weight loss and lifestyle change... it changed my life and now I am paying it forward to help you!

My next support group is for the new nutrition program. It starts March 25.

My next Free group, a week on Clean Eating will start April 8.

Have a fabulous day! and Thank you for reading!

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