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Why diets don't work!

Do you know how many "diets" I have tried in my life. How many diet foods? Low fat, no fat, no carbs, low carbs... weight loss shakes, celery sticks, carrot sticks.... I know I am not alone in this...Right?

My theory... when we deprive ourselves of something, that's all we can think about! That's what we want! So I have a different idea about eating.... and I am working on my second certification to help you with that.

I believe that we should work towards eating healthy, not drop everything cold turkey. Now for some that's what you have to do... but for others when you say no, all your brain is saying is "give it to me!"

When I started this lifestyle I made a deal with myself....I would have a cheat meal once a week! It was my reward for eating well all week.

So that is what I would suggest for you. We would create short term goals for you and long term goals for you. For example, week one I would suggest doing something like I did or if that's too much, just start by reducing the portion sizes of the foods you are eating. If you are drinking a lot of soda every day, start to reduce the number you drink daily. We just have to see where you are and what goals you can do. For me reducing soda would be a no brainier, I gave it up in 2009. So I needed to reward myself with my favorite meal.

My short term goals at this time is just to stick to the meal plan. I have been emotionally eating since my pup passed away in November, but I am slowly getting better! What's amazing is this plan helps you with emotional eating.... because guess what... many of us have that problem!!!

Support was key for me to get started living healthy.... The support group for this program starts March 25!

I think the biggest thing that happens to us when we start something new is that we overthink it! Let's just get started. This is a lifestyle - life is not perfect and this may not be perfect... but this program is probably the easiest way to lose weight. I know it helped me lose 35 pounds!

This program is for those who need to lose weight and those just looking to eat

better and everyone in between! Let's talk about what it can do for you today!!

Thank you,


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