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So much talk about visualization...

What if you can't do it?

Do you remember day dreaming as a kid? Or maybe you still do? What are those day dreams about? Do

you realize you are visualizing something? It's really that easy.

I have been using visualization since I was young, but at some point I got caught up in the life society wanted for me so I lost how to do it.

But recently I have learned how to tune in and really experience my visualizations as they touch all my senses. A good way to start a visualization about a work goal is to write it down in the present tense as if the goal you want has already happened.

For example if you want to advance in your career and looking for a promotion. Write out a day of what your life would be like if you already had this promotion. Really feel it.. what to you see, hear, do... from the time you wake and until you go to sleep, write it down...

When I think about what I want for my business, I see myself at a certain benchmark. I imagine the trips and leadership conferences I have attended. I image myself with the team of ladies who have joined me and the friendships with them. I write out an ideal day... which would start around 7:00 a.m. I would go through my morning routine with the journals, workout and breakfast. I would check into my support groups and respond to any questions my clients might have and then I would talk to my team. My mornings would be spent working on my business and my afternoons would vary between volunteering, writing, gardening or other things. That evening I would check in with my support groups again and any followups that I need to take care.

Visualization is not everything. After you perform this visualization you need to start living that life you visualize. You should start doing what that person would do. Take action that will move you towards that place. Ask yourself, "is this what a person at the promotion level would do?"

We can live the life we want to live! It helps to visualize it and work towards it!

I believe in you!

Thank you for reading


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