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Prosperity, what does it mean to you?

Currently I am reading a book called Picture your Prosperity. I wasn't absolutely excited to listen to it

when I started but, now I really love it. It has so many tips and tools about financial well-being.

Your financial well being is just as important as your health. I honestly believe it goes hand in hand. Do I think money can buy you love and happiness? No. But what I do know is I saw my parents fight over money as a teenager. Which triggered events that led to their divorce... So I think financial well-being is important.

We have talked about setting goals... weight goals.. personal goals. We also need financial goals. What do you want that will cost money? What costs very little- and you need it now? What costs a lot - but you don't need it as soon?

Years ago I set up a travel savings account. I put money in there for the trips I want to take. Do you have similar accounts set up? I also set up a gift savings account last year.

Think of it this way... a long term goal for a parent might be to send their kid to college. There are lots of savings account options for parents doing this.

What about a vacation home on the lake or at the beach? Doesn't feel possible? I believe it you want it bad enough you can figure it out! Of course it may take the help of a financial adviser.

We live one life! Why not dream of those places and create a financial way to go there!

So right now I am working at paying down my debt. But yesterday I saw some incredible cookware that I would love to have. The basic set costs as much as my first car!!!!! But I can add it to my list. I do think I need a new stove first!!!!!

Thanks for reading

The book is "Picture Your Prosperity. Smart Money Moves to Turn your Vision into Reality" by Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng. You can see the book website here.

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