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Life is now in session. Are you present?

Do you have a growth plan?

Are you being intentional with your growth? Growth simply does not happen!

You have to be intentional about it!

You need to just start growing! Just start. You will never be "ready"! You will not be motivated to do it... It's true. Just start... Just do it!

Later.... is a dream killer!

"Accidental growth waits for growth to come. Intentional plans for it! ...

Accidental growth thinks like a victim. Intentional thinks like a learner."

Sometimes we have "excuses" of why we are not intentionally growing. John C. Maxwell describes these in the first chapter of his book "The 15 Invaluable laws of Growth."

Here are the "gaps" or reasons why you may not be growing...

Assumption gap - Do you assume you would automatically grow? Just because we grow from kids to adults does not mean we grow in other ways!

Knowledge gap - Do you not know how to grow? Understandable, I did not either. It was becoming a coach that really opened up my growth plan.

Time gap - Do you say it's not the right time? There will never be a right time! Stop saying later!

Mistake gap - Are you afraid of making mistakes? I was too... but guess what - we learn from our mistakes!

Perfection gap - Are you trying to find the best way before to start? OMG - this was me! I was such a perfectionist!

Inspiration gap - You just don't feel like doing it? Look, you won't... you just have to start!

Comparison gap - Do you think others are better than you? They may be because they are on a growth plan!

But guess what - comparison kills joy... so just put the blinders on and do your own thing!

Expectation gap - Did you think it would be easier than this? My friend, nothing worth having comes easy!

I was the I will do it later girl. The girl who thought everything had to be perfect before I started. Look, my friends... most of the successful people in the world just started with an idea... no idea what to do .. but they just started! If you have a dream... it's time to be intentional with your growth!

Read this book! So far I love it!

Thank you for reading!


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