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Perfect, just as you are!

Perfectionism will cause you to drive yourself CRAZY! So stop... just be you!

We all have different ideas of what perfect is... every single one of us... So what if I told you that you were perfect just as you are for someone else (if you are looking for a relationship).

Stop comparing yourself with everyone else! We are all in different seasons and chapters in our lives... so it's like comparing apples and oranges - yes they are both fruit...

Practice gratitude focusing on you! Be grateful for what you have to offer. You do have something to offer, I promise... if you don't think so you haven't found it yet... but don't give up.

Allow yourself to fail! It's OK to fail. Learn from it and move forward. Don't dwell on it and allow it to fester!

Just look at yourself in the mirror and smile! See... you are perfect!

Thanks for reading! xo Kimberly

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