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Chasing Titles - aka - chasing society's dream

Are you chasing a title?

If you are what do you think will happen when you get there?

Will all your problems be solved?

Not likely.

This is not just about titles my friends! When you are chasing society's version of who you should be... or someone else's version of who you should be... you will never be happy.

So just stop.

Ask yourself... What do you want? Believe me... I understand. I love to learn! I had no plan for what to do when I graduated college, I just knew I needed to get a job. That was what was expected of me. The Internet was telling us about the world and new opportunities and I was looking for a job. That's ok if that is your plan... I did not have one. So I fell into a job... and here I am nearly 20 years later.

Finally I am taking the initiative to do what I actually want to do!

No longer will I compete for a title. I will be a business partner with my teammates. I will no longer compete with other women, I will join hands with them and rise up with them.

If you are open in learning about the health business I am a part of, I would love to share more information with you!

Fill out this application and will will chat!

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