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Need I say anything else?

We are unlimited, but time is not.

Time is precious and if want more in life... we have to be intentional with our time.

It's not easy... with a world full of distractions; this pretty thing, that fun thing to do...

Why is it we say we want something but then don't pursue it? Why do we sit in a job that we don't love and not pursue our passion? We are scared. Fear will hold you back. We have an inner critic that convinces us it's safe "here" and we would not succeed anyway. Or it is something we cannot place or put a finger on... Whatever it might be... if you want more, you have to figure out how to overcome it. For me that is personal development. Search for the topic that is your biggest obstacle... what are you afraid of? What doubts do you have? And start to overcome that.

My biggest obstacle is my mindset on money. I do not feel like I should be going out there and making money. This goes back to hearing my parents fight out money and eventually divorcing because of it (and of course other things). I have said that money is the root of all evil for years... how negative is that? So I am talking more about money is a positive way so that I can allow it to come into my life abundantly. I don't know about you, but I want more... I want to do more... learn more... see more...

What do you you want?

Why are you not pursuing it?

Time... a minute is gone and you will never get it back again.

What you do in the next minute may change your life!

Thank you for taking your time to read this

xo Kimberly

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