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The Coolest Workout EVER!

Music makes the difference in my workouts... what about you?

So imagine this... A workout program with a live DJ who is playing the music to what intensity is needed to get you through... Sound cool? I think so!

It's Morning Meltdown 100 and it's going to be a crazy one.

My morning routine includes a workout... It does set the tone for the entire day. It's my "me" time... before the office job and even my business after that. We all need that "me" time!

Yes, it's 100 workouts. But it's not necessarily 100 days straight! Jericho McMatthews who is the Super Trainer that created this program is as cool as can be! She was on a call with our team the other night and explained exactly what is coming with this program. And she stressed it's not about doing a workout every day! She knows (as a mom of a little one) that life is crazy! We cannot predict what will happen for 100 days... much less the day ahead!

Her excitement for the program came through the screen! She really wants YOU to be the ultimate version of yourself! AND SO DO I! This is why I love the programs that come from Beachbody. The trainers are there for us!

5 phases - 20 workouts per phase - each workout is different and was filmed LIVE

Imagine doing moves like a Fire Cracker or Lightening Bolt????

The workouts will be 20-30 minutes to help get that metabolism going in order to burn fat all day! Each workout gives you the opportunity to work on yourself! You will find just how much you change in 100 days with the tracker and you will be amazed... take it from me... we are so hard on ourselves we are the last ones to see the transformation!

I like and endorphin rush first thing in the morning! What about you?

Check out this video.

Then fill out this application.

And let's get you started. Once you fill out the application we can get you set up in a Launch Party group and then on July 16 - that's just 37 days away!!!!

Thanks for reading!

xo Kimberly

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