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30 Days to Happiness Part 1

Hello! As I continue to go through Niyc Pidgeon's book "Now is Your Chance a 30 Day guide to Living Your Happiest Life Using Positive Psychology" I am going to share my notes and thoughts with you. But I will say this... to get the full effect of this book, you need to listen or read it today!

I first heard of Niyc Pidgeon on a podcast and she talked about positive psychology. I immediately related to her and what that meant and put her book on my Audible wish-list. Finally, I am listening to it and it is amazing! Sometimes it takes someone you relate to in order to understand what someone else may have told you... that's ok... We can hear the same things over and over again, but until someone you relate to says it in the words you get... it won't sink in....

These four blog posts are going to be very long! But save them and read them over the next few weeks. It's meant to be a daily lesson.

Week 1 - Body


Gratitude is simple, free and fulfilling and never runs out. It has a direct and immediate effect on our physical health. We all have something to be grateful for, family, friends, health, or another day. When we remember to feel grateful for what we have, we tap into a more positive mindset, which sends joy throughout the body. This is because feeling gratitude activates the brain regions associated with the reward neurotransmitter dopamine and the feel good hormone serotonin.

Why is gratitude so powerful? It feels good to be thanked. You have probably been encouraged to be thankful without even thinking about it. Just thinking of three things we are grateful for helps us feel more optimistic, get better sleep and helps us develop a connection with others.

Be consistent! Create a habit!

Practice gratitude daily! Gratitude practice can improve psychological and physical well-being.

Niyc Notes: Remind yourself how grateful you are for your healthy body.

Being grateful for what you have allows you to cut through the crap, clear your signal and supercharge you happiness in an instant!

#nowisyourchance daily practice - Identify 3 things every day to boost your happiness and strengthen your mindset

Every day take 2 minutes.

Pause and take a deep breath.

Think of 3 things you can thankful for today. - Your health, the love in your life, a smile from a stranger

You can do this anywhere and there are no right or wrong answers. It is what is true to YOU!

Reflection Exercise: #nonisyourchance Gratitude Letter - 20 minutes -

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Remember someone who has done something for you that you are grateful for, but that you have never expressed gratitude to. Write a letter to this person expressing your gratitude towards them. Write about 300 words, do what you want with it, but deliver to the person for maximum benefits.

I have been practicing gratitude every day for over a year and I believe that it has changed my life incredibly! I highly recommend doing it every day. My thoughts on this… when you have a negative thought run through your head…. Think about something positive right away.

Niyc Notes: Write Gratitude on a Post-It and put it somewhere you can see it everyday.

Create a gratitude jar and put what you are grateful for on pieces of paper and when you are experiencing a low point in your life you can read these and remind yourself it’s all ok.


If our physical space is cluttered, we can feel overwhelmed.

In order to experience a flourishing life we have to create a space to allow this to happen. Letting go to a physical item you have been holding on to can evoke negative emotions and create pain in the brain it can also release you from negative energy.


Notice Resistance and creating space.

Resistance is an indicator there is something to be learned and an opportunity to grow.

It’s how we respond to the resistance that makes the difference.

How do you feel about change?

Change scares most people.

But without change there is no growth.

Let go of anything that no longer serves and supports your highest and happiest self.

Holding onto things that keeps you in limbo between your past, present and future is a surefire way to halt your happiness.

When we organize our physical world we ease the pressure on our brains to remember where things are and get things done. We create more ease in our life.

Standing still is easy… growth requires effort.

If we don’t change, nothing changes.

Our brains are not equipped to cope with the information overload. It’s no wonder people feel worn out and forgetful!

#nowisyourchance - BRAIN DUMP - take a piece of paper and pen - set a timer for 5 minutes and write down EVERYTHING inside your head until you can’t think of anything anymore. THEN BREATH

Niyc Notes: You have a choice to make the change. What would you change right now about your current physical and mental environments that would clear the clutter?

If you don’t like the space where you live - it’s time to change it!

#nowisyourchance - Declutter with a 2 minute Rule

Ask yourself if your best self in the future would be happiest in the environment that you have created for yourself right now. If no, it’s time to change it!

If your physical environment is crowded, it’s likely that your mind is crowded too! Use the 2 minute rule. If it takes you 2 minutes or less to do it - do it right away!

My guest bedroom is a mess! It’s a combination of my stuff and my mom’s and the resistance is HUGE. I know I need to start (and I have) decluttering the room, but it brings up so much emotion I have to really only take a few minutes. The rest of my house is different. I have been using the 2 minute rule since I read this part of the book. Slowly things are getting back to normal! The guest room needs to be done in the next 6 months so I can move passed my past and into my future!

Day 3 - “BRING THE JOY” - Brendon Burchard

Fill today with goodness and let the good vibes flow!

Our emotions don’t just affect how we feel, but also have our body feels. Emotions are triggered by a stimulus and cause a response in a different part of the body. When we experience more joy, love and excitement, the better our bodies feel and allow our minds to be open to solutions.

Upward spiral…. When you feel good, everyone can soak up that energy too!

Improve your connection to HAPPY! No one feels amazing all the time, but we need to focus on replacing the negative feelings we positive ones. Be aware of where your focus is…

#nowisyourchance Creating more Joy

List 5 things that bring you joy and increase your positive emotions.

Now list 5 things that shift you into a negative emotional space

Then, choose 1 thing from the first list to do everyday to bring you more joy.

Then, choose 1 think from the second list that you will do less of to make joy your new normal.

Re-balancing you happiness ratio!

Music can totally help this! Find your favorite tune - SING and/or DANCE it out and feel the joy after!

#nowisyourchance Raise your Vibration

Take 5 minutes to turn on that favorite music and dance like nobody’s watching!

Focus on the good - and fun!

I love turning on good music and dancing in the morning! It’s part of my day nearly everyday and makes a huge difference - watch my stories on Instagram for the fun!


Exercise is one of the biggest mood boosters on the planet!

It might feel like the hardest thing at the time! But it’s only temporary and you will be proud of yourself when you finish!

Get physical!

Physical activity can help to make life more fulfilling… make your struggle your strength.

Physical activity is a form of self expression and there is something for everyone to enjoy. It should be an essential part of your day, just like brushing your teeth!

Sir Richard Branson says "WORKOUT" - His advice for improving productivity!

Having a daily workout can give you 4 extra focused and productive hours in a day.

Exercise switches us into GAME ON! Mode


Ever heard of the BDNF protein? It triggers chemicals that promote brain health, rejuvenate muscle and brain tissues, and activate the production of new neurons in the hippocampus. In addition, exercise helps maintain memory, perform at your peak and alleviate depression and anxiety.

Fitness provides us with so much to help us thrive! Positive emotions, engagement and challenge, find a purposeful pursuit and a feeling of accomplishment when doing so!

Niyc Notes: Think back to childhood to see what physical activity you loved then. Let what you use to do inspire what workout is right for you today!

Moving the body is a major key in leading a fulfilled life!

If you were told there was a process that only required a few minutes of your time each day, allow you to be more productive at work, better relationships, reach your goals faster, feel better, look better, increase your self esteem and sleep better.

Would you try it?

That is what exercise is… a low risk investment with a guarantee of return.

Stop putting off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Some exercise is good - more is great!

Positive effects of being active: enhanced self esteem, greater sense of well-being, improved brain function, greater sense of flow, reduce incidences of cancers, risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, enhanced stress management, increased energy levels, greater focus and mental clarity.

Moving your body should be part of your daily life!

It has been for me since January 2015 and my life has changed so much! I feel these positive effects! And there is nothing like an endorphin high! But accomplishing goals that exercise can help with is also wonderful! Start moving today!

Fill out this application here: application

Day 5 - HOW YOU FUEL YOUR BODY - compliments how you move it!

Food has a direct effect on our mood!

Our Body and MIND have needs for proper nutrients to function!

Choose to eat consciously!

Niyc Notes: If you were told you had a life threatening disease that required you to become your healthier self, how would you choose to eat?

If your diet is a million miles away from this right, start making a small shift today to create change.

We are gifted with one body and one mind!

Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life!

Mindset and action together… a quick way to slip into self loathing is to beat yourself up your body, your diet or something you wish you hadn’t just eaten.

#nowisyourchance Bring your mind to the table. Be aware of how you are nourishing your body. Be mindful of the food, the sight and smell, and be grateful for your choice in food you have and to have an abundance of food available.

Let go of stressed out eating… be grateful for the food that gives you life and brings you growth

Intentional eating encourages compassion, self love and nourishment from the inside out.

Foods that boost your mood - Fruits and veggies, water, coffee, CHOCOLATE and wine in moderation!!!

Niyc Notes - if you struggle with getting your quota of veggies each day consider a green smoothie each day (I add veggies and fruits to my shake every morning)

Her recipe:

Blend 2 cucumbers, 2 cups of pineapple chunks, 1 cup of spinach or kale, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of celery cut up, juice of one lemon or lime, a pinch of salt (BONUS - green powder)

Guilt and self loathing have the power to keep you stuck in a repeating cycle. Don’t beat yourself up on making a poor choice and just make the decision to make choice next time.

Track your food! Be mindful of what you are eating AND how you feel when you eat it!

Look, I have tried so many diets in my life. Right now, I believe that am my healthiest by eating a whole-food diet rich in veggies. But this has not always been the case. In the past I have not eaten because of a night out to “save my calories” I have given up things only to binge on it later, I have tried Slim Fast shakes, Nutri System diets and so many others… and I learned what worked and what didn’t. We are all different!

I learned in my 20’s I could not drink milk as it upset my stomach. I have learned recently eating too many nuts like almonds, cashews, etc will upset me a little. We have to listen to our bodies and sometimes our favorite foods may be causing us unwanted feelings.

Choose healthy snacks! No Sugar! - It will diminish brain function!

#nowisyourchance - Everyday principles of health eating

Choose one new way of nourish yourself daily

Drink a glass of warm water when you wake up. Warm water with a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime and a pinch of himalyan salt

Drink a shot of aloe vera drinking gel - SUPERFOOD with 12 different health benefits

Eat a protein rich breakfast.

Drink a green juice or smoothie each day

Choose healthy snacks - nuts, protein shake with almond milk. Sugar can diminish brain function

Eat as nature intended - whole foods

Treat yourself with the foods and dishes you love - really ENJOY the experience - NO GUILT - surround your food with positive emotions.

Eat mindfully

Enjoy your food

Think your food like Energy - choose high vibration foods - mostly plants to boost your energy

Take a positive step each day and the stuff not good for you will slowly fall awhile

Be aware of diet danger zones

Lacking energy is a common complaint - that leads to bad choices - Choice a Positive Energize Day!

Somehow the last two days of this first week were erased! I will put up a short blog with them ASAP!

xo Kimberly

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