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30 Days to Happiness - Part 1 - A

Not sure why day six and seven were deleted last week... but here they are!

Day 6 - What IF

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like if you were living your happiest life right now. How would you be feeling? How would you be behaving? Or you actually being the person you intend to become?

Today, notice the divide between who you desire to be and where you are now.

Are you doing what you said you would do?

You best self isn’t being created next week.

It’s really the small steps you take every day.

So, today be the person you intend to become.

What does the happiest version of you do?

#nowisyourchance CHECK IN

Notice if you doing the thing that the happiest version of yourself would do.

What would the happiest version of me being doing with this situation right now.

Start to hold yourself accountable to a higher level.

When you feel fulfilled and experience life as your happiest self, what do you see yourself doing?

Show up for yourself!

#nowisyourchance Identify the Energy Sources

Activity - Cooking dinner for family

Positive - connection

Negative - Arguments - Stressful

As IF - ask about their days

ACTIVITY - Spending time with friends

Positive - talking about old times

Negative - Gossip

AS IF - focus on the good topics

When I first joined a support group I did not workout everyday. I did not know the first thing about meal planning and prepping. I never had a grocery list… I think I had a Wal-Mart list - LOL - but I started to do things every day to help me become a healthier version of myself. Keep focus on where you want to be… and keep doing the things to get you there!

Day 7 - Do what you do best

Today is another act of self love!

Let’s search out our strengths and celebrate them.

Positive Psychology encourages us to play to our strengths and virtues and to focus on what is going well, instead of what is going wrong.

Celebrate you!

When we are growing up people tells us to stop showing off…. Which can lead to self deprecation as adults.

Are you able to accept a compliment?

Do more of what you do best! Do more of that!

Strengths bring fulfillment, confidence and motivation.


Go here: To see what your strengths are.

My strengths are Love of Learning, Curiosity, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Gratitude, Honesty

Niyc Notes - put your strengths up where you can see them everyday.

You have to put these daily tips and tools into action to create a change.

#nowisyourchance - use your strengths creativity

Examples of this: Gratitude - send thank you notes

Learning - listen to books, podcasts, read books, search for a new subject you want to learn about

Beauty and Excellence - compliment people more

My friends - we all have strengths. I invite you to go to the viacharacter website and find yours! You might just surprise yourself.


1 - Three good things

2 - Brain dump

3 - Raise your vibrations

4 - 10 minute workout

5 - Bring your mind to the table

6 - Check in

7 - Put your strengths to work

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