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30 Days to Happiness Part 4 - Week Four

My friends, I apologize for the lateness of this last post. My life has been crazy lately and I have neglected my creative side too much. Here is the last week of the 30 days to happiness book by Niyc Pidgeon.

These daily tips are incredible for helping you live your happiest and optimized life. I already incorporate many of these into my life but also need the reminder of a daily practice in order to ensure I am living to my fullest potential.

As you go through the tips give yourself Grace if they don’t stick right away. It may take you 10 days in order to get the first one incorporated into your life. Don’t worry just go at your own pace.

And if you really want more insight I suggest you go and get this book because she really does tell you so many wonderful stories in order to help you understand how to implement these tips into your life better.

DAY 22 - CUT the CHAOS

MULTITASKING doesn’t work!

We don’t have the capacity to do multiple things at work.

Being busy is an armour - self preservation - to block out what is real.

Do you say…. I am so busy? Or I am So Stressed? Are you really defining yourself as that?

Be present.

Look after you more!

Choose how to respond.

If you respond with panic…. You won’t find the answer.

It’s not the situation that affects you… it’s how you respond to it.

We are all on different journeys.

Your happiness may not be what someone else is feeling, but your happiness can help others without you realizing it.

Do this work on yourself… not just for yourself… but for those around you too!

Want to live your happiest life?

Let go of stress.

Make a plan.

Do the valuable things first.

#nowisyourchance - CHECK in with YOUR Productivity and Positivity

Go to

SUMMARY - Daily practices for your mind

15 days of Positive Thinking

Express your truth

Forgiveness Affirmation

Shift your mindset

Creating a new reality

Mantra of Responsibility

Supercharge your Self Esteem

Ask more questions

Get mindful of your triggers

Self-love Mantra

Support your goals

The best possible self psychology intervention

Vision Mapper

Discover moments of joy

Upgrade your responses

Check in with your productivity and positivity


Helping you take care of your spirit

Day 23 - Go within, see what you find

Mediation - has many health benefits

Reduces stress.

Improves focus.

Learning to pause in life and learn to be in the NOW.

Now is your chance!

In our darkest times we can look into our own light to guide us, but it’s rare we choose this place to go… we look for the quick fix.

Mediation helps to quiet the chatter of the monkey mind.

It will help you let go of what does not serve you.

#nowisyourchance - SIMPLE MEDIATION

If you are new to mediation - you may want to start with just 5 minutes a day.

Find a spot in your home or in nature where you won’t be disturbed.

Sit down in a chair or with your legs crossed and back up straight

Put your hands in your lap with palms facing up into the receiving position

Gently close your eyes

And bring your attention to your breath

Begin to breathe long and deep

As you tune into how your body is feeling

Continue to bring long and deep

With your eyes closed turn your attention to your toes

And feel how your toes feel right now

Notice any areas of contact and observe without judgment

Move to your ankles, calves and legs - notice any stiffness or pain

Turn your attention to where you body connects to the chair or floor

And feel the weight of your body as it is supported

How do your fingers, hands and arms feel?

Your stomach?

Your chest, shoulders, neck?

Notice any areas of tension or tightness.

Imagine breathing into any space of tension and as you breathe out allow the tension to flow out with your breath.

Turn your attention to your mouth and relax your jaw.

And feel how your ears, eyes, nose and forehead feel.

Fully conscious of how your feel.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Mediation helps you thrive!

When you try to think of nothing, every single thought in your mind rushes in!

What may help you is to use YouTube guided meditations.

Kundalini Yoga - Kundalini is an energy to be thought to be stored in the base of the spine.

The practice is to awaken this energy.

The primary objection of Kundalini is to awaken the full potential in every individual.

Recognize our awareness. Refine our awareness and expand it to our unlimited self.

Niyc Notes - Each Kundalini class offers a different focus

Happiness is your birthright - first principal

No two teachers are the same. No two classes are the same.

It might not be for you … but you should give it a try!

#nowisyourchance -

Kundalini practice

Sit straight in easy pose - legs crossed - hands at knees - thumbs and first fingers touching

Close your eyes and focus your mediation at the brow point in the middle of your forehead also known as the third eye

Speak the mantra - Sa Ta Na Ma for 5 minutes - out loud, whisper for 5 minutes and in your mind for 10 minutes

Keep your elbows straight while chanting

The mudra changes as each fingertip touches in turn the tip of the thumb with firm pressure

Follow with 1 minute of stretching your arms overhead, spread your fingers wide and shake them out, circulating the energy - inhaling and exhaling 3 times.

Day 24 - BE with YOUR INNER GURU

Do you tune into your intuition?

Intuition is often described as gut instinct. Like when you understand something without logical reasoning.

By this point in your journey, your self-awareness will have increased so much that you can really start to hear and feel what is true to you.

To get connected - eliminated the noise and distractions that make you think instead of feel.

Be super honest with yourself about what you are feeling and don’t worry about trying to please others.

Writing can support you to tune into your intuition.

Within each of us lies a greater potential to be, to do, to have all that we desire. But we need to learn to trust ourselves and create our own path.

To create on the outside we need to get onto the frequency of gratitude and joy and feel love and abundance on the inside first.

Get mindful.

Get in the now.

And you will tune in to your intuition.

Intuition can be distinguished from fear by the feelings you have.

Fear will come up as a worried feeling. And you might play out worst case scenarios in your mind.

Intuition will give you a sense of empowerment and knowing and have a more grounded energy. You will feel less emotionally charged and more focused on a more present feeling.

It’s really funny to think about this in my life. The choices I have made that I did not overthink have been wonderful choices…. It’s like a feeling inside told me this was what I needed to do - my house for example - not buying a home in general - but the one I actually bought - I could not get it out of my head. Intuition is felt in different ways. It’s hard for me to describe it - I just know!

Niyc Notes - of course it can be good to ask for advice too! You determine if the advice you get feels true to you.

Have you ever said “I knew this was the wrong thing to do” or “I had a feeling it just wasn’t right”

Why do we choose not to listen?

Our minds think.

Our intuition senses and feels.

What we think we know may not always be true!

We are not always objective and we can be wrong!

But when we listen to what is inside… this can change.


When you are crowded with other things and if you have ignored your intuition for some time, you ability to gage what feels right or wrong may feel like it needs sharpening.

Use this practice:

Ask yourself questions that requires you to say yes or no answers and gage how it feels.

Once you become more mindful of how that intuition feels for you, you will become more mindful on when she is trying to be heard.

Fear presents itself when you reach the edge of a comfort zone and will say no - but your inner guru may be saying go!

Fear shows up as not wanting to do something.

#nowisyourchance - INNER GUIDANCE

Each day spend 5 minutes noting any guidance you receive from your inner guru.

Use this affirmation:

I hear, accept and allow wisdom from my inner guru to come forth. I am grateful to be guided by my higher self.

Then ask yourself what decision or choices can I note… what am I being guided towards?

What is my inner guru telling me to do.


Self Awareness is the key to observing our story and break free from what is not serving us.

When we are not living authentically we are trying to be someone else.

Be exceptional at being you!

Be authentic is positively associated with higher self esteem and higher satisfaction with life.

We are looking for REAL!

We are looking for VULNERABILITY!

Being honest with who we are can be uncomfortable and take us out of our comfort zone. Honesty brings reward - with a feeling of satisfaction - by being who we are.

When you repress how you feel it has an uncanny way of creeping back up to you at a later date.

Speak your truth! Be you! Don’t keep up the charade!


Happiness comes from self-awareness

Ask yourself the following questions with the intention of being as mindful and honest as possible.

Where can you remember feeling really accomplished at something?

Where can you remember feeling really happy?

Where can you remember feeling really confident?

Where have you been really strong?

Where have you been giving away your power recently?

What would you feel you would love to say that you haven’t yet felt able to say?

What boundaries or personal commitments can you choose to make to yourself to claim your power back?

Think about your answers and send love and gratitude to yourself for being authentic and for all that you are.

The world needs you… not more sheep!

Own your stuff!

You can find fulfillment by being yourself! Embrace who you are!

#nowisyourchance AUTHENTICALLY YOU

Write down a list of characteristics that you do as authentically you

This might include the things you do, the way you move, words you use, how you feel, and even what you don’t do.

Then choose one element from this list and put into practice each day.

You are beautiful and amazing!

Choose to be authentically you!


Each time you make a choice, think about if you are making a choice from love or fear.

Are you stepping up or shying away?

Leading with love and compassion for yourself and others is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary, is symbolic to your strength and commitment to do things a better way.

Love is an amazing thing.

Relationship and connection are what makes the world go round.

But it is questionable if we are connecting as deeply and authentically as we could.

We limit ourselves because we are scared.

Before we can truly love others we have to learn to love ourselves. This is one of the biggest struggles we face.

#nowisyourchance - CHOOSE LOVE OVER FEAR

Show yourself self-love every day - your workout and how you nourish your body is self care or you may do something that is good for your overall well-being like take a bubble bath or massage. Make it a daily practice and make it non-negotiable.

To accept yourself fully is to acknowledge you deserve your own love.

#nowisyourchance - AFFIRM SELF-LOVE

List the things you love about yourself big or small

Like - being kind, funny, or soft hair, strong body

Love is the answer


Get out of our heads and into our hearts

Kindness is a virtue and a character strength

5 side effects of kindness

Happiness, strengthening of relationships, slowing of aging process, dilation of arteries and benefiting your heart.

Kindness is a core value - it transcends and connects it does not divide

Let go of the need to receive.

Give from a place of love.

Learn to work for a cause not for applause.

What can you do today to make a positive difference for other people?

When you are helpful you will more than likely be happy?

Help others find their greatness and you will find your greatness too.


Altruistic behavior - volunteering

Focus on what you can give from the heart.

#nowisyourchance - CHOOSING TO HELP OTHERS

Do something for someone today and not expecting anything in return.

Random acts of kindness - Daily

Most people won’t ask for help when they need it

Ask the question, what can I do to help.

Ask two people to tell you what they just saw - when they see the same event happen - and it’s likely they will tell you a different story. Their perspective influences their report.

We form opinions based on prior experiences.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.'' Wayne Dyer

Growth mindset can be used to help you gain perspective.

Choose to see things in a light that will illuminate what you need to learn and give you the power to grow.

Human behavior is fascinating.

It’s not a situation that causes our reaction, but rather our choice to have that reaction.

We all have a story.

We all create our story.

Time gives us perspective.

#nowisyourchance - REFLECTION

Which experience would I like to find a different perspective for?

What was good about this experience?

What wasn’t so go about this experience?

What learning can I take?

What is the new perspective that I choose?

Three different techniques:

Choose to shoot yourself up in the sky and look down on yourself from above. Ask yourself how much your current situation is on the bigger picture. Ask yourself if it really matters at all? Does it have a bigger influence on the world or your life in 20 years?

Choose to take yourself out of the situation and look through someone else’s eyes.

Getting perspective from another set of values, another take on the world, or stance on the situation, we realize is not as big or as scary as it first may seem.

Choose to ask yourself what your role model might do in this situation? Take strength from someone else's wisdom.

A moment to allow yourself some perspective is all it will take to help you release worry and stress and give yourself space and knowing of your next best stress.


All things are possible with perspective!

Resilience is the ability to adapt to life when conditions are adverse.

You either stand strong waiver and bounce back or grow as a result.

Resilience is necessary in life… because life is going to throw us some curveballs.

Being resilient helps weather the storm.

Keeps us grounded.

More resilience means less stress, a greater sense of self-confidence and ability to maintain a positive view of the future.

Focus on what you can do work towards it - and let go of what you cannot control.

Resilience is such a big part of living your happiest life.

All things are possible with perspective.

Being able to laugh in a stressful situation immediately diffuses the negativity.

Post Traumatic Growth is possible!

Even in the darkness you can find your light.

It’s entirely possible and probable that you can live your happiest life despite trauma.


Where have you been able to make your struggle your strength?

A relationship you let go of?

Injury? Or Illness?

As yourself the following questions:

Which experience did I struggle with at the time?

What did I learn from this experience?

How did I grow?

Not a replacement for professional therapy - always see a trained professional if you need help


20 minutes a day - to commit to living your happiest life.

Your morning mindset

1 Help you get present and grounded -

2 Manifest powers and reach goals more quickly -

3 Peak performance the rest of the day

Show your day what you are made of!

7 Steps

  1. Gratitude - 60 seconds - start with a thankful thought even before your open your eyes

  2. Meditation - 5 minutes - using a guided youtube meditation - create a sense of presence

  3. Vision - 3 minutes - connect with your vision daily - make it clearer and clear- Feel 3 emotions you will feel when you are living your happiest life

  4. Dance - 3 minutes - LET GO! - Play the music loud - own your dance party

  5. Affirmation - 2 Minutes - select affirmations that have meaning for you- create your own using inspired thought - write down the affirmation 3 times

  6. Movement - 3 minutes - get moving - shift stagnant energy - exercises

  7. Nourish your body! Eating breakfast rounds out your morning ritual.

The more present you can be in your morning ritual, the greater your sense of self control and the more productivity and energy you will feel throughout your day.

Happy and successful people have the same 24 hours in their day.

The difference is they choose to spend their time differently and invest in themselves at the start of their day.

#nowisyourchance - MORNING RITUAL

Use these 7 steps to create your own morning ritual.


Daily practices for your spirit

Simple mediation

Inner guidance

Authentically you

Choose love over fear

Choose to help others


Mental tool kit

Morning mindset ritual.

Thank you for reading

xo Kimberly

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