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Melting every morning

Holy moly! First phase in the books. As I type this I am sore in my shoulders. Today I did workouts 9 and 10 which was Melt Con a metabolic conditioning working and Revibe which is a nice way to end every workout - a long stretch....

Let's go back to Day 1 - Workout 1 - Cardio Meltdown

This workout is a great workout to do on a Monday morning to really set the mood for the week ahead. It's an endurance building workout and you will sweat for sure! What's awesome is you are on the beat so every so often you may find yourself dancing....

Workout 2 - Upbeat Strength

This workout really works the upper body and before you know it - it's over!

Workout 3 - Core Inferno

Exactly as it says - Core on Fire - I paired this one with Upbeat Strength.

Workout 4 - Total Body Badass

You will feel like a badass doing this workout! It's a total body workout. I had to modify a bunch with this one - those plyo moves can be hard - but I still felt like a badass. It has some Barre inspired moves.

Workout 5 - Freestyle Flow

I paired this one with Total Body Badass... worked well together! Yoga inspired stretch always feels great!

Workout 6 - Holy Moly - Lit Cardio

Yep! 21 minutes of a full on HIIT workout.... OUCH!

Workout 7 - Downbeat Strength

Lower body workout! Burns tons of calories!!!

Workout 8 - Fight Club

Sorry, I can't talk about it - (Aggression was let out)

Workout 9 - Meltcon

For 10 straight minutes you are moving and grooving - 10 different moves for 1 minute each - working muscles, building endurance and getting sore!

Workout 10 - Revibe

I love this one - it's like an extended stretch to really get you to release the tension from all the work from the previous workouts!

Tomorrow I am starting Phase 2 - 1 week down - 9 weeks to go!

If you are interested in seeing videos, please check out my Instagram - I am posting video clips from the workouts daily.

Thanks for reading! Next week I am going to Diary day by day how I felt... each phase is meant to build on the other! Here we go! Let me know when you are ready to start ;-)

xo Kimberly

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