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100 Second Challenge

I missed last weeks blog post!

So last week in MM100 we had these 100 second challenges. These were tough! But I love that we have a week to learn the moves and then we have these added challenges… I know that my body is changing already. What can you do in 100 seconds?

This week was the first week of Phase 2. Each workout was set up differently. Not necessarily new moves I have never seen before but set up in a way I have never done before. Do you know what this does? It keeps the body guessing! It’s why when you do the same things every time you don’t see progress - your body begins to know what to expect! You have to change things up!

OK - so my absolute favorite workout is FIGHT CLUB! When I started working out a home many moons ago - before Beachbody was even around (and they have been around for 20 years) I had a VCR tape from Billy Blanks - anyone remember him?

It was a kickboxing inspired workout… the first workout I loved with Beachbody was Turbo Jam which was a kickboxing inspired workout. One of the top workout programs is Core de Force - Martial arts inspired program… do you see a trend??? It’s no wonder that Fight club is my absolute favorite!!!

So I hit workout 30 today. 30/100. After workout 29 Jericho asked the cast how they felt… One word - how do you feel? Me - Badass! There is nothing more awesome than feeling accomplished!

My why continues to be the same! I workout for my future self! This is preventive medicine, my friends. You need it too!

My why has expanded to working out for those who cannot as well.

Are you ready? Say yes!

I will be taking applications for this program forever! LOL

There is no time better than right now to get started.

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