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Stop Apologizing

Just stop apologizing!

Why do we feel we need to apologize for needing time for ourselves?!?!?!?!

I have a book to recommend to you… Rachel Hollis “Girl, Stop Apologizing”

If we need more rest… don’t apologize for it!

I find myself apologizing for that all the time! I use to think “I will sleep when I am dead” but over the last few years I have realized how important sleep is. It’s restorative. And life is demanding. So get that sleep!

I have had insomnia for as long as I can remember. I counted sheep as a kid and would get into the hundreds! In 2009 I took the TV out of the bedroom. Many years prior to that I stop using an alarm with infrared lights. If you are having trouble getting to sleep you need to start practicing good sleep hygiene. One of those is to stop technology use about 1 hour from your bedtime to give you mind a chance to unwind.

Create a night time ritual that might include a bath, reading a book or magazine for fun and/or journal.

A few other things I do to help with insomnia:

A morning routine… surprisingly - getting up at the same time everyday will help your body understand it cycle ( also by going to be around the same time every night). Check out the book 5 am Club.


Not eating right before bed. Going to bed on a full stomach - your body is digesting food and can keep you awake. A light snack is ok but a full meal will not do you any good.

Understand that you have done your best at the end of the day and let go of what did not get done. This is hard for a lot of people. Again - stop apologizing. We are human and we are unlimited but a day is not. As long you feel you are accomplished at the end of the day I believe you will sleep better.

My friends… we need our rest. It’s how are bodies prepare us to do it all again…

Be kind… to yourself.

Thanks for reading

Xo Kimberly

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