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Living a life less complicated

It’s a goal of mine. This long weekend I am sort of taking a hiatus from social media and getting back to me…. Cleaning up the clutter in my living room and trying to figure out how to live a life less complicated.

Clutter makes me feel like life is chaos….

Right now I am taking a break from the clearing of clutter to say hello.

So here are some of my tips on clearing clutter.

Decide on a project. Like a closet.

Get ready by putting on some good music, grabbing the recycle bin, trash can and another bag or box for donations.

Make sure your mindset is right… and just get in there with that feeling of accomplishment when it’s done.

Because you will feel so accomplished when it’s done!

My whole entire house needs a good declutter but if you are like me and need a whole house done - it can make you not want to do a damn thing!

So take it one project at a time!

Thanks for reading

Xo Kimberly

#startsmall #mentalhealth #clean #growthmindset #happiness #optimize

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