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Trust has to be earned and when lost it can be hard to get back, right?

It’s why the one thing I try to do is to make sure I am authentic and trustworthy. I have lived a pretty individualized life and done my own thing at least 90% of my adulthood. But if you have just “met” me virtually how do you know that?

Words can only do some much, action is what it really takes to develop trust.

I hope that if you are not following me on Instagram you start at

I hope that my daily actions can show you that I am trustworthy. Yes, I still choose what I want to share… we all do… Yes, I try to make sure it’s a good photo… but while I may filter it, I am not editing my body…

If you really want to get to know me - let’s chat… there are all sorts of video options nowadays and we do still hold a phone in our hands despite never really using it as a phone.

To be transparent here and now… I want to share this short story of transformation. Five years ago I started on a journey to lose weight. I lost nearly 35 pounds. Then my life got insane and I gained some of it back. I did ok until my dog passed away and basically was at my wits end at that point. He was my third loss within a year of those that I loved and it was hard to fight the emotional eating that followed. I gained 10 pounds.

Then in April I started taking a new antidepressant. Apparently, weight gain is possible with this one. Even if it’s just a small percent, I am the girl that seems to qualify for those side effects. I gained 10 more pounds.

I will say I am not tracking my food like I should be.

I am also sabotaging my own efforts a bit.

But I am giving myself some grace. Because I know life is not a straight road.

I know that in time these emotional feelings will subside.

I am not going to stop though.

This is my journey and path.

I am here to help others understand that they too can be ok if the results are not there. That they are exactly where they need to be and to be slightly better every day is all that really matters!

Thanks for reading

Xo Kimberly

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