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eat your veggies

It’s not about just eating a plant based diet. Adding that “Whole” word in there makes a huge difference.

I have learned something about eating a plant based diet in the last couple of years, Oreos are plant based. But Oreos are not going help with those doctor bills.

Whole foods is the key.

I watched Forks Over Knives this weekend and even though I knew a bit about what it was about, it was hearing the testimonies of those who had changed their life by changing their diet. People who were nearing death and were told so by their regular doctors, are now living… 20 years after the start of the program.

So maybe you are not on death’s door, but are you going to wait until you are to change.

My friends I care about your health!

I truly do.

It hurts me to read about people who are able to change, but just won’t for one reason or another. Maybe you have, but you did not have the support you needed to make the habits stick.

But I want to be completely honest with you… it also makes me mad.

You have this life. You are breathing and your heart is beating. But many people I know are no longer here and I just want you to be grateful for what you have.


Do one thing today. Take one step towards living a healthier life.

Don’t make me jump through the screen to pull that box of cookies out of your hand!

Don’t worry I would give you a bowl of fruit.

Will it be easy… nope.

Mindless eating is what we are all guilty of, start by enjoying your food….

One whole food plant based bite at a time.

Thanks for reading

xo Kimberly

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