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When we look back at our lives we see our favorite times.

We see some sad times too.

But I think it’s really fun to look back at the decades I have lived to see how much has changed. So here goes…

In the 1970’s I was born. There was a gas crisis. People still had very long hair. Disco was the thing to do. I remember going with my dad to workout. Can you dig it?

In the 1980’s my sisters were born. I found out what panty hose were and perms. The music. Let’s just say that again… the music! Atari. Nintendo. Big Hair. As if. Gag me. John Hughes movies. Personal computers. Subiaco. Boys. Berlin Wall came down.

In the 1990’s I graduated high school and went to college. I moved to Texas, back to Arkansas. Grudge. Nirvana. Trip to Spain. Trip to California. Talk to the Hand. Finally able to drink legally.

In the 2000’s I spent 1999-2000 in Dallas and the world did not end! I moved to Miami, FL. I played on the beach. I went to Paris, France and Sydney Australia. I became a dog mom. I saw all my friends get married. I finally graduated from college. I started a masters program in teaching. I walked 12 miles a week and weighed less than I did in high school. I moved to Nashville, TN. I bought my first house. I became an Auntie. I spent 2009-2010 New Years in London near Big Ben. Bling Bling

So here we are… coming to the end of the decade of teens.

We have 12 weeks left!

How is your decade going to end?

What will your story be?

Let’s make the most of it together!

If you have health goals relating to Nutrition, fitness and weightless let’s chat!

Thanks for reading!


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