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Plan to Succeed

Do you feel crazy all week long? Feel like there is not enough time to do this or that? Maybe you need to plan your days.

Planning my days helps me know what, when and where.

This helps me keep from going completely out of my mind.

I plan TV time.

Nap time.

And other free time.

I schedule my days with bookends - mornings start at 5 - bed by 9:30.

Then I fill in all that goes inbetween…

My morning routine, personal development, time at the office, lunch, calls, meetings, appointments.

I plan for dog walkers.

To do this start with the non-negotiables - you have to go to work, you have appointments, your kids have practice or something, your workout.

If you use a paper calendar I would use pencil because as we know life is not perfect and you may have to move stuff around. I use Google and my phone on my calendar. I put all the appointments and my event in my calendar and I also recently created a shared calendar with my sister to be sure I can keep track of my auntie requirements.

Planning your week will help you feel a little less chaotic!

Give it a try!

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