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Quantum what?

This book I am listening to is blowing my mind! Have you listened to it?

Before diving into Part 3 and Meditation I decided to start over and listen to it again.

I see now that so much of the personal development I have done prior was very surface level and that to really change and become that self I want I am going to have to dive into my subconscious.

Our thoughts are ENERGY!

Emotional states and heart rhythms are related!

An experiment was conducted to show that our emotional state and heart rhythms can affect DNA.

The first group of 10 individuals - felt love - held a vial of a DNA sample - with no change.

The second group 10 other individuals - felt love AND held an intention such as unraveling the DNA strand - which produced change in the DNA sample.

The third group of 10 individuals - held the intention of unraveling the DNA but not to feel love or other positive emotional state - no impact.

So only with heightened emotions like life with a clear intention can you change your life!

Heart and mind wound together - working together to create our reality!

Quantum field does not respond simply to our wishes or our emotional requests. It does not just respond to our aims or our thoughts. It only responds when those two are aligned and broadcasting the same signal.

The Quantum field does not respond to WHAT we want, but WHO we are being!

Ask yourself, what are you broadcasting (consciously or unconsciously) on a daily basis?

Thanks for reading.

xo Kimberly

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