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Open yourself up for all you deserve

Open yourself up to receiving everything you deserve in this life!

My friends, we are deserving of so much! But sometimes I believe we hold ourselves back because we do not think we are worthy. I want you to change this mentality NOW!

Look, I did not always believe in myself or others…

I am not sure when it happened. It could have been around the time the kids made fun of me at school for laughing so much. It could have been realizing I wasn’t popular. It could have been the fact I had to wear a bra before others, but could not shave my legs. It could have been the comment from someone from junior high who said “those people” while referring to me and some of my friends at a party in high school.

Goodness… I suddenly found myself preferring to hang around with boys because they did not bring the drama that girls did.

Listening to Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza has taught me that living so long with a cynical person’s habits and feelings is hard to overcome. I believe I have made great strides in dealing with the habits of the cynical girl inside. But I think I still have work to do…

Unlearning habits that are ingrained in you is so much harder than creating new ones… better ones.

Look you can walk around thinking positive thoughts all day long… but do you believe them? Deep inside, do you believe them?

I am happy that I became cynical because I am truly happy where I am today… aside from a house that really needs to be tidy now!

Being cynical got me through so much in life, but as I continue to work on the deeper side of me, my subconscious, I am finding weight to be lifted….

All the experiences in my life have happened to me and for me… my future experiences will NOT be shaped by the feelings of my past experiences. I am going to allow myself the freedom thrive!

Letting go can really feel awesome!

So where are you? Do you believe you are worthy or are you cynical?

Thanks for reading

Xo Kimberly

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