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My thoughts in a minute

You are unlimited! I promise you! You were born with something inside of you that has been boxed up and hidden from the world and it’s up to you to un-box it and share it. What will it take to do that? I can’t tell you. But what I can say is that going out and “finding” yourself is not really the right way to put it, because who you are may be hidden in the box. So get to finding it and see what might happen.

I have a wall up. Right this second I have a wall up. It’s to protect my heart. I am trying to bring it down, but it’s a slow process. It’s what hurt and sadness have done to me, but I am determined to bring the wall down because I deserve love. That’s right, love. I deserve it! I am worthy of being loved and so are you!

Declare this right this second - I will figure it out! Whatever it is that you need to figure out - open your heart and let it happen. The possibilities are endless.

What do you want your future to look like? Sit back and think about it. Think about an event you want to happen. Close your eyes. Really picture yourself there. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? Who are you with? What do you feel? Your future deserves your full attention. Practice this daily…. I find it’s a good way to get to sleep.

Guilt… As we grow and become better humans we may feel guilt. Guilty for leaving certain people behind. My friend, live your life. It’s ok. I believe in this… you should be allowed to do all the things that make you happy as long as they are not hurting others. I put that in there because I think there are sadists in the world who hurt other non-sadists. Also don’t smoke around people who don’t smoke… that’s being a good friend. I hope that smoking does not make you happy… but it might so just don’t smoke around nonsmokers.

Exercise daily! Look - if you want that future you imagine you are going to have to start taking care of your body! That means moving it! Also fueling it with the right foods. Enjoy the cocktail, but not everyday. Have a donut, but not every day or week, or even month! Stop thinking that exercise is a punishment and you are denying yourself certain foods…. You are in fact doing yourself an incredible favor by moving your body and eating well.

Practice gratitude. Get a notebook and write down at least three things a day that you are grateful for and

why…. It’s that simple. I am grateful for my home because it provides me shelter and a place to relax.

Finally, you can do hard things…. That thing you keep making excuses that you can’t do - you can do it…. It’s scary! It’s ok… 54321 it - and just do it… you will feel so proud after. Did you know that fear and happy excitement are basically the same in your body…. So instead of thinking I am scared - think about how exciting it is!

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