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Predict your future

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

We can not predict the future. We can believe that if we are working for a certain thing we will create that thing. It’s the belief that matters.

As we look towards a new year, we may be thinking about all sorts of wonderful things we are going to do…. Lose weight, start a business, build a business, stop smoking, exercise more, eat more veggies, start meditating, tidying your house, become a minimalist, travel more, get organized, save money, spend more quality time with family, learn a new skill or hobby, read more, start dating, fall in love…..

Whatever it might be… believe you can do it. And when the unknown things happen just keep going and when it doesn’t happen as fast as you want it to, just keep going…

I have learned a slow steady pace is a much better thing than to go fast and burn out before Valentine’s Day. We have 365 days to get it done. Oh, and guess what, if it doesn’t happen in the next year, don’t give up! Sometimes it takes a little longer. Sometimes we fail at things… but that failure should help you learn and boost you and your ambition to keep moving forward.

I started a business three years ago. Currently, I am nowhere near where I want to be… but I am not giving up. I had shit happen and it threw me off course for over a year. I never sacrificed my health… but my business did take a hit. Now I am just working on growing that business and in 52 weeks I will be in a place I want to be. I just know it.

All that above mentioned shit led me to gaining weight as well. It’s time to get myself back on track with food too… I think that will be easier now as well, especially as I continue to learn more and more about it…. As I work my way through a nutrition masters program.

I always have the goal of living a bit better, what that means for me is that I am always looking for ways to eliminate excess waste and stop using plastic. This is an ongoing process and I do little things all the time to help myself improve in these ways. An easy way to start this is change those smelly plastic shower liners to a cloth one.

I am not worried about not exercising, but I want to start meditating more.

I am still going to be tidying in the new year, something I wanted to have done by the end of this year but I can’t feel guilty about it. I am doing it right… and it takes time.

I do plan on traveling a couple of times next year… New Orleans is on the agenda and London!

Each year provides us with a chance to improve.

As does each day.

There is no reason to wait for the New Year. If you know what you want to do, just start now. Just get your feet wet a bit so you can dive in January 2 - let’s face it - we sleep on January 1.

Thanks for reading…. K

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