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Cleanse and Eat at the same time!

Day 1 - woke up late which totally threw my schedule off and I ended up eating dinner at 9 p.m.

First up water - I added fresh squeezed lemon because I can’t tolerate the taste of water first thing in the morning. Water gets your system moving. Also without water - Fiber can’t do its job! Breakfast was next - that was my Shakeology and half frozen banana, cinnamon in water. To be perfectly honest I was starving after! Normally I have a very big breakfast. Then I had some tea. After that was the Fiber Sweep. This is typically the hardest part of the whole thing. I have learned it needs to be cold so I mix it up with ice. Then it’s lunch - I roasted asparagus for my veggie adding a bit of EVOO and some red pepper flakes and lemon. I think I am going to be buying asparagus more! I love this stuff. I also had ½ cup of grapes and the protein shake that comes with the kit. Then it was an afternoon snack of red bell peppers with hummus. I added some lemon to the hummus to thin it out a bit. Then some tea and finally dinner at 9. So the reason it was so spread out is because each of these is done after an hour of the other except with the first glass of water. I will say that by the time I ate dinner I was full! There is plenty of food to keep your body happy.

Day 2 - better day as far as timing. I am not eating lunch at 4! Same foods as Day 1. Still hungry in the morning! Changed up my dinner to some coconut steamed veggies and had some herbal veggie broth.

Day 3 - Lost 2 pounds so far. Just before I started writing this I was seeing yellow dots…. Hmm? This cleanse has been very strange indeed. Partly because I did two days at home. I kind of like it better that way, but I had so many temptations in the house! My discipline stayed true.

If you want to give this a try…. You can… this month I am raffling off this 3 DAY KIT! How do you get in? All it takes is you signing up with a fitness or nutrition bundle or by trying out Shakeology. Once you do this your name will be entered into the drawing!

Win win! Are you ready to see what these tools can do for you?

Thanks for reading.

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