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Making an Impact One Life at a Time

To say that coaching is something I jumped into would be a lie. It scared me to death. If I think about it, it was the fear of being judged. My mindset was that it wasn’t a real job. A mindset brought to you by baby boomer parents. You go to college, you get a job. That’s that!

The thing is that right now - we have so many opportunities to live a life more of our own designing than ever before! You just have to figure out what you want to do…See if you can find others that have done something similar and go for it!

Let’s say maybe, just maybe you want to be a Health Coach.

Let’s say you want to serve people by helping others find their way to their health goals.

It’s not just about losing weight - it’s about a lifestyle. It’s a daily thing I do. It’s more than the need to lose 20 pounds and be done. What I believe is we have to take care of our health in order for the rest of our lives to run smoothly.

Here is my story…. My dad was a bodybuilder. My family owned a health club. My mom made me read nutrition labels on cereal boxes when I was a kid. In my teenage years I was rebellious as teenagers are, but in my 20’s I started walking and at home workouts, in my 30’s I found Chalene Johnson and continued to walk and workout at home. In my 40’s I found the support I needed in the accountability groups to help me lose weight. At 42 I became a coach.

Who are coaches… Scientists, Teachers, Nurses, Corporate workers, Stay At Home Moms, Former athletes, Personal Trainers and so much more.

What you need to become a coach… a drive to work hard, to understand that this is not an overnight millionaire situation, to believe you can do it.

Why might you become a coach - freedom and flexibility to live a life by your design, to define success on your terms, to challenge the status quo, to give back and help others.


  • Do I need experience? No experience is required.

  • Do I need to be in shape or at my goal weight? No! You should start today and share your struggles and journey while using the products.

  • Will I get support? Yes! You will be part of my team and we will work together to get you the success you want. You will also get support from the larger team, corporate office it’s never ending I promise.

  • Is there training? Yes! We can go at your pace, but there is training to get you started right. With me and with the larger team as well as the corporate office. You will not need to feel you have to do this all on your own or that you are stranded on an island.

  • How do I make money? You make money from commissions, but also from growing your team through something called a bonus. This is too complicated to explain and needs a whole post on its own or we can talk about it.

  • What if I work full time and/or I am a mom? It’s possible, you can build the foundation of a business in pockets of time. We can work together to see what this looks like for you. I believe in time management and being intentional with time especially when you have a full schedule.

  • What does a coach do? We run support/accountability groups, we share our story with others, we practice the four vitals - be proof the products work, connect - invite - follow up, Recognize achievement, personal development.

  • What does it cost to join? $160 is the basic cost of the fitness bundle to get you started. That waives the $40 sign up fee. Veterans, etc. can get the sign-up fee waived. After that you pay a monthly fee. This monthly fee is for Beachbody to work your orders, your back office, etc. You are never required to buy excess product to sell on your own. Everything is shipped by the corporate office. This monthly fee gives you 25% off products and $15 off your shake.

  • Is there a monthly requirement to purchase? Yes. It varies depending on the level you are in the company. If you drink the Shake every day you are going to hit this requirement every month.

  • What if I am not satisfied? You can cancel anytime.

So maybe you are saying to yourself - eating well means I can’t drink wine. Well, maybe not a bottle, but yes you can still drink wine.

Or maybe you have the same fears I had. There is a saying out there that others don’t think about us so much. I think we worry too much about what others think - but in truth - they are worried about themselves.

Maybe you think you can’t drink a shake every day. Honestly I did not think I could either - but it’s so delicious and the best part - I don’t have to really think about one of my meals every day.

Maybe you don’t have a large social media following? This is where the work comes in. Growing your following is one of the vital behaviors, what has helped me is a shift in mindset to an abundance mindset. There are plenty of people who need help with health and fitness. It’s like the plenty of fish in the sea saying.

One of my mentors says she is a professional friend maker. That’s basically what we become as coaches….

My favorite things about being a coach - Helping others and the community (my clients and fellow coaches), my personal growth, just knowing I am making an impact no matter how small.

This is not for anyone looking for a get rich quick scam, who doesn’t like other people or anyone who doesn’t care for their own health.

Want to know more: Fill out this application.

Thank you for reading!

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