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It's not going to work

If you are my age, you have tried everything - or at least you think you have or it feels like you have - to lose weight and get healthy.

As women we go through the stages in life.

Our twenties we are leaving the security of our high school friends - some we have known forever! We look at others, getting married, traveling, even having kids - and start to compare ourselves. We turn to exercise and “diets” in hopes to love ourselves a bit more.

In my twenties I think I learned one "to remain unnamed protein/weight loss drink" was causing such incredible GI discomfort - but only after having drank the stuff for years! (And being in pain for years).

In my twenties, I walked a whole bunch and the weight fell off. Of course!

In my twenties, I was so insecure. It didn’t matter what the number on the scale said, I was still unhappy.

Our Thirties, still trying new things… still not feeling so great. Now all of our friends are married, some even divorced already. Baby photos everywhere. Maybe you even have one. That baby weight won’t come off. You just go through the motions of the day…

My Thirties, I was so depressed. Literally said that I needed a man to make me happy. Goodness we are so blind to what we have that could bring us that very happiness we seek if we only open our eyes!

At the end of my 30’s I started to gain weight. I did not really know why. I ate pretty healthy most of the time. I guess office life. I really don’t know. It’s the first full decade in an office environment for a lot of us. That includes more sitting and lots of baked goods in the kitchen.

So, I decided, right after I turned 40 I was not going to go down the road that led to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and all sorts of medications and doctors. I was going to work on me. Ok, it was also that show on PBS called "Aging Backwards" that scared the crap out of me! Watching people and hearing people’s stories gave me hope at the same time. So, yes - the first 40 years I may have aged forward - but now I am aging backwards and will as long as I breath.

It’s been an incredible 5 years. My life is drastically different.

But I found the solution - I never thought in my wildest dreams a support group would help, but I had tried so much - and not that - so I said yes. AND it changed everything.

I have to say I was skeptical, but when it comes to the community being there to support you - that really does make such a difference! You don’t have to do this alone.

I did it by myself for so long. It was hard to admit at first how much it helped.

It did.

You may be there thinking there is nothing that can help me… I have tried everything. But have you? Because maybe you have not tried my support groups?

What is your first and biggest objection?

Let’s chat. If you fill out this application we can chat to see if my tools might just be what will work for you too!

Thanks for reading.

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