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Why do you do the things you do?

Do you go about your day… do all the things you believe you are expected to do without really thinking about them?

Have you ever given them any thought?

Let’s say you break free from the day in and day out and decide that you want to do something. You have a goal. A dream. A wish.

You want to write a book. Lose weight. Travel more.


Why do you want to write the book? Dig deep….

Think about it this way…

You want to do ____ because of this______.

I want to replace my income from my full time job by year end with my business because if I do that I will be one step closer to living the life I design.

Then repeat using your because as your why…

I want to live a life I design because life is too short to be stuck in a situation that brings no joy or fulfillment.

Or maybe you want to lose weight.

I want to lose 30 pounds because I know it’s a healthier weight for me.

I want to be at a healthier weight because I know I will be healthier overall

I want to be healthier overall because I want to live as long as possible

I want to live as long as possible because I have so much I want to do

Do you see what happens when you go deep? You may find your way into a whole other reason.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not about a one and done thing…. Lose weight for the wedding or event… NO. This lifestyle helps all other areas of your life! It’s the groundwork, the foundation, the base of living your life in the most optimal way.

It’s why I do what I do. I want to live a long healthy life because I have so much I want to do and part of that is making an impact on others to show them it’s ok to have their own goals and dreams. It’s ok to break free from the daily in-and-out.

Thank you for reading.

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